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My interview with Jay Leno about MOCS Vol 2

This contains Vol 1 and Vol 2 of Masters of Chicken Scratch. Dirt Track Jalopy print. Two stickers and one patch plus The Masters of Chicken Scratch T-shirt in Military Green or Navy. You save $20 off individual price of everything.

Vol 1 Artist featured includes Dwayne Vance, Brian Stupski, Randy Ricklefs, John Bell, Eric Brockmeyer, Michael Miernik, Max Grundy, Jimmy Smith, James Owens, Justin Chin, Thom Taylor, Larry Wood, Steve Stanford.

volume 2 over 150 pages of killer hot rod art. It includes new and a few returning artist. Names in this volume include Dwayne Vance, Tom Fritz, Larry Erickson, Jeff Norwell Max Grundy ,Eric Tscherne, Tavis Highlander , John Frye, Charlie Decker, Mark Jones, Christian Pearce, Eric Black, Jean Baptiste Robbi, Joe Iacono, Chris Brown.