Masters of Chicken Scratch


"Hurryin Back" Large Giclee

Image of "Hurryin Back" Large Giclee

34X20 Giclee Print on Canvas
Limited Edition of 300
Signed and hand painted acrylics added to print by Dwayne Vance

Story for the piece
I was in the middle of the desert testing my newly rebuilt flathead and things couldn't' have been better. My old flat head had a new life after the modifications and rebuild. She was up and runnin strong again, like when I first built her. Couldn't have been a better day. I had probably driven about 20 miles from camp, stopped to take a break and noticed some clouds out in the distance. As I looked closer I there was a good storm brewin' out there. If it started raining hard I was going to be in trouble. So I got in, stomped on the gas and started "Hurryin Back"!